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integrated chiropractic approach ...
No single chiropractic technique will meet all your health care needs, and that is
why we practice an integrated chiropractic style.

Utilizing a combination of gentle and low force techniques in combination with
therapies to increase effectiveness, we are able to care for newborns and seniors
alike. When the situation warrants it, we are also able to pull froma tool bag of
specific, directed force techniques which are effective even for body builders
and individuals with muscle spasms. The combination of techniques increases
effectiveness dramatically, while providing greater comfort and ease for you.
Chiropractic as Energy Healing
We hear a lot about Energy Medicine and Energy Healing.

For thousands of years, oriental theory on health has taught about a complex
system of energy meridians running throughout our body, which determines our
ultimate health and vitality. Recent advances in medical imaging have captured
this flow of energy in the human body, and it is amazingly similar to the energy
pathways of ancient healing wisdom.

Of course, when someone's heart stops in the ER, doctors shock the heart with
energy or electric discharge to restart it. Similarly, MRI's and CAT scans capture
energy emissions from atoms in our bodies to create images of our inner bodies.

From a scientific perspective, it is both simple and impossible to explain the nature
and source of these energetic flows in the body. Of course, each cell in our body
has its own electrical charge, and has minerals to cause the flow of charge just like
in a battery in our car. One cell's energy flows to the next, and you have entire
networks of cells all flowing together in the form of tissues and organs and then
organ systems. This is the simple part to explain.

Here is the mystery of the body's energetic system. Analyze the human body ...
mineral content, carbon content, water content, atomic mass ... and no matter how
you try, you cannot get that pile of organic matter to take on life or emit vital
energy. Each atom has its own inorganic energetic charges on the nucleus, protons
and electrons, but beyond that, there simply is no life. Only the Creator has
mastered the art of putting together simple atoms and creating a spark of spirit that
expresses as life. It is this spark of the spirit, the flow of nervous system energy
from the brain to the body and back, that concerns Chiropractic, and is the very
mechanism by which Chiropractic heals.

While ancient civilizations have utilized crude spinal manipulation for healing, it
was Dr. D. D. Palmer who performed the first formal Chiropractic adjustment. Dr.
Palmer noticed a lump in the upper back of a deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard.
Pushing on the lump, causing the vertebra to return to proper position in Mr.
Lillard's neck (removing pressure on the nerve tissue so it could flow again just
like taking your foot off the garden hose so it opens up and allows water to flow),
Harvey Lillard experienced a restoration of his hearing.

Since Harvey Lillard's miraculous restoration of hearing, Chiropractic care has
always been an integration of the sciences of anatomy and physiology with the
spirituality of the God given flow of energetic life. Restoring the life's flow through
the correction of misalignments is what Chiropractic is all about, going far beyond
the simple correction of "back pain" and "sciatic," making Chiropractic care a true
form of "energy healing".
Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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