We have studied natural and wholistic support for Fibromyalgia,
and have a program that is simply amazing.

Combining a solid background in biochemistry and nutrition,
with physiotherapy, naturopathy and lifestyle modifications,
we have challenged the traditional beliefs about what can help support
the restoration of health after Fibromyalgia ...
and the results may amaze you.

Learn how you can use the body's internal mechanisms for helping
regulate its own health. From the study of Fibromyalgia specific massage
techniques to specialized chiropractic adjustments and Fibromyalgia supportive
nutrition approaches ... we've created an extensive
program that is unlike any you've ever seen.

We combine wisdom from natural healing practices, including
Auyerveda and Qi Gong as well as solid information pertaining to
creating a balanced restoration of health through movement,
breath, spirituality, physiotherapy and natural healing
techniques from around the world.
Fibromyalgia Care Program
natural support Fibromyalgia ...
Keys To Fibromyalgia Relief
The Body's Circadian Rhythms
Health Nutrition Program & Eating Patterns
Fat - Protein - Carbohydrate - Fiber Ratios
Healthy Movement & Therapeutic Breath
Progressive Densensitization Therapy
Fibromyalgia Corrective Spinal Care
Enzyme & Amino Acid Balance
Herbs From Around The World
Natural Hormone Balancing
Nutrition and Supplements
Fiber and Water Rush
Olfactory Stimulation
Visual Stimulation
Stress & Anxiety
Sleep Patterns

Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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