Auto Injury & Personal Injury Care
You don't plan for accidents and injuries.
Yet sometimes they happen.
If you or someone you love has been
injured in an automobile accident
or suffered from some other personal

Untreated, injuries that affect the spine
and nerves can cause some of the
following, just for starters:

Chronic Headache
Dizziness or Vertigo
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Difficulty Walking
Muscle Weakness
Poor Balance
Sciatic Pain
Reduced Spinal Curve
Disc Bulge

Even if you don't think you were injured
after an accident, it is wise to have your
spine checked. Even minor falls or auto
collisions can cause changes in your body
that can lead to long term problems and
chronic pain.

If you have suffered from an injury, be
assured that our skilled and professional
staff will provide you with the highest
quality care to help you recover as
quickly and as completely as possible.

We utilize a variety of physiotherapy
modalities in addition to spinal care and
neuromuscular reeeducation and
corrective exercise. The resulting benefits
from this integrated care is a program
that gets you back on your feet as quickly
as possible.

If you already have x-rays from the
hospital, please bring the results with you
to your first appointment. We would also
like to see a copy of the police report and
any other medical tests or records
regarding your injury.

We will work with you to determine the
best course of care. In some cases we may
even accept your insurance as payment
for services rendered.

If you have an attorney, please bring your
attorney's name, address and phone
number with you to your visit.

Once you are under care, relax and let
the healing happen.
Neuromuscular Therapy &
Reeducation Are Just One
Approach To Restoring Normal
Function After An Auto Accident
Or Personal Injury
If you are seriously injured you
may benefit from a course of
restorative movement and
corrective exercise as a part of
your care plan.
Healing hands
are the first and most
important part of the gentle
care you will receive.
Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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