Lymphatic Clearing & Draining
lymphatic work ...
Lymphatic work is a true art form. Those therapists who have pursued this
specialized form of massage and bodywork are able to bring great relief to those
suffering from swelling and edema resulting from injury and illness.

Individuals post mastectomy and post lumpectomy often experience
troublesome edema due to interruption of the lymphatic system.

Illness, injury, surgery and lack of movement as well as certain kidney and
cardiac conditions may also lead to an unwanted buildup of fluid.

Whatever the cause of the swelling, it is often painful and can make moving
difficult. Our goal is to use gentle and effective techniques to bring relief.

We have created a Lymphatic Clearing & Draining Program that utilizes a
unique combination of manual massage and assisted therapies. From vacuum
therapy and dry brushing to static charge and microcurrent, we have a technique
that may help you reduce the swelling and restore ease.

As appropriate, we incorporate nutritional support to help the body restore
homeostatis and make the edema a memory from the past.
Lymphatic Clearing Services
Lymphatic Clearing ...
our gentle and effective
lymphatic bodywork will
move the stagnant lymph
and release it into the
bloodstream for natural
elimination. We specialize
in lymphatic clearing for
post-mastectomy and
post-lumpectomy as well
as injury and surgery.
Breath Release Bodywork ...
incorporates facilitation of
the ribcage and diaphragm,
as well as thoracic rocking
and movement in order to
maximize lung capacity.
May provide support for
asthma, COPD and
recovering smokers
as well as help
clear lymph.
Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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