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our bodywork services ...
Bodywork is a term that refers to many different forms of therapy for the body,
including Massage, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Neuromuscular Therapy and

We have a passion for bodywork, which will make a noticable impression on
you from your very first session. Our integrated style of massage and bodywork
incorporates a detailed knowledge of anatomy with a functional grasp of the
physiology of movement. The result is an effective and streamlined approach to
bodywork therapy that leverages all the resources of your inner healing

Massage therapy in all forms is a wonder to experience. We specialize in our
own integrative massage techniques, with full body strokes, gentle rocking and
facilitated range of motion.
Massage & Bodywork Services Menu
Relaxation Massage ...
Focus on back, neck,
head, shoulders ... or
whole body ... our
therapists will expertly
work the tension out of
your tired muscles, leaving
you relaxed and refreshed.
Warning: May lead to a
good night's sleep.
Hot Stone Massage ...
Enjoy a therapeutic massage
therapy session enhanced
with the delictable sensation
of hot stones. Your therapist
will gently glide the hot
stones over your skin, and
rest them directly on your
skin while working on
another area.
Sports Massage Therapy
& Kinesio-Taping ...
Place your most valuable
asset as an athlete in the
hands of experts. Benefit
from technically specific
sports massage therapy and
a specialized treatment
called Kinesio-Taping to
ease pain and speed healing.
Power Stretch ...
Enjoy an effective
bodywork therapy that
incorporates massage and
neuromuscular therapy
techniques along with
facilitated range of
motion. While you
luxuriate on our cozy
therapy table, allow our
expert therapists to gently
bend and stretch your
muscles and joints until
you move freely.
Kinesiology Balance ...
A bodywork technique that
challenges the body's
balance of muscle strength,
enjoy the feeling of being
balanced and focused.
Improve your balance,
strength and mobility.
Effective for sports and after
surgery or injury, as well as
for individuals with body
imbalance (poor posture,
lack of symmetry, scoliosis).
Neuromuscular Therapy ...
Experience NMT at the
hands of a master. Our
skilled staff will work your
muscles, ligaments and
tendons, increasing blood
flow, circulation and
removing built up toxins
which may facilitate pain
pathways. We have
techniques for every
condition and health status.
We modify techniques to
meet your individual needs.
Fibromyalgia Bodywork...
Our specialized approach
to Fibromyalgia utilizes
progressive desensitization
along with lymphatic
activation in order to
decrease pain and improve
circulation and nutrition
to your cells. We gently
incorporate joint
movement and facilitation
range of motion in order to
leave you feeling at ease.
Pregnancy Massage ...
Enjoy a restful massage to
ease the sore, aching low
back of pregnancy, and
gently stimulate circulation
and lymphatic flow.
Expecting mothers deserve
nurturing during this
special time, and you can
expect to be pampered,
rocked and nurtured
throughout your pregnancy
massage experience.
Deep Tissue Massage ...
We provide deeper work,
with increased pressure,
when it is appropriate for
your condition. While we do
not consider Deep Tissue
Massage to be separate from
our NMT or other therapies,
we do adjust our use of
pressure, technique and
depth to accommodate your
individual needs, so you can
enjoy a satisfying treatment.
Lymphatic Clearing ...
our gentle and effective
lymphatic bodywork will
move the stagnant lymph
and release it into the
bloodstream for natural
elimination. We specialize
in lymphatic clearing for
post-mastectomy and
Breath Release Bodywork ...
incorporates facilitation of
the ribcage and diaphragm,
as well as thoracic rocking
and movement in order to
maximize lung capacity.
May provide support for
asthma, COPD and
recovering smokers.
Pain Relief & Joint Ease ...
from migraine and
headache to sciatica and leg
pain, we have specialized
techniques to get you out of
pain and moving more
freely. Our expert staff
utilize a variety of
techniques including our
own specialized protocols
for cervical release.
Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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