Naturopathy & Holistic Services
Nutrition, Homeopathy & Herbology
Electro-Acupuncture (Needleless)
Bio-Meridian Balance
Blood Sugar Balance
Weight Optimization
Natural Antiaging
Smoking Cessation
Brain/Body Integration
Natural Fertility Support
Naturopathic Consultation
Women's Natural Hormone Program
Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Balance
NAET - Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique
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Naturopathy & Holistic Services
holistic care to support your life ...
Our staff of health care practitioners bring education, technical skill and
valuable practical experience to our holistic services. From naturopathy to
homeopathy and nutrition, we have studied approaches that will support your
body in making a gentle shift towards a better you.

We will create a customized holistic plan for your specific situation ...
call today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your health desires.
Bone Builder Program (Reverse/Avoid Osteoporosis)
Blood Sugar Balance (Hypoglycemia & Diabetes)
Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Cardio Health Balance
Allergy Balance (NAET, Electro-Acupuncture, Health Kinesiology)
Digestion Balance (IBS, Chrons, Indigestion, Constipation/Diarrhea)
Muscle Pump (Increase Muscle Tone, Muscle Mass & Over Power & Strength)
Mental Focus / Clarity / Calmness - Balance
Natural Women's Hormone Balance
Energy Healing & Wellness
Vitality, Stamina & Energy Balance
Fertility Natural Balance & Support
ADD / ADHD / Autism - A Holistic Balance Approach
Breast Health For Woman (and men) At Risk
Prosthetic Fitting For Post Mastectomy and Post Lumpectomy
Lymphatic Clearing (for swelling, post surgery, post mastectomy/lumpectomy)
Introduction To Holistic Services
& Naturopathic Consultations:
Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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