Our Staff
Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, Facility Director, is an
ordained minister as well as Doctor of
Chiropractic and has a passion for Pediatric
Chiropractic care. Always searching for new
ways to support healing and restoration from
illness and disease, Dr. Steve incorporates
spirituality and lifestyle awareness into his
healing practices. A former college instructor
and television show host of "Envision Health"
he brings a world of knowledge and techniques
to the facility and to patient care. In addition to
Chiropractic and Holistic Healing, Dr. Steve
has studied bodywork techniques extensively,
and typically incorporates Trigger Point
Therapy, Neuromuscular Reeducation and Gait
Training into his care plans. He received his
Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University
and Bachelor of Divinity from UBU of Florida.
Darleen Claire Wodzenski is an ordained
minister, licensed neuromuscular therapist and
naturopathic holistic practitioner. Combining a
strong background in brain body integrative
techniques with an eclectic blend of indigenous
healing philosophies from around the world,
she has created inspired healing programs for
chronic health conditions. She studied pre-med
primarily at Fairleigh Dickinson University,
and continued her graduate studies at Life
University as well as through the Health
Kinesiology Foundation and the Educational
Kinesiology Foundation. She completed her ND
at the Awareness Integrated Health Center
under Dr. Sue Majewski. She also holds a
Bachelor and Doctorate in Divinity, and
additionally studied Coaching modalities in
conjunction with healing models.
Dr. Rob Holewinski is a former Police Officer
who followed his passion for health and
wellness and appreciation for Chiropractic
Science. A graduate of Life University, Dr. Rob
holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, and studied
extensively in the fields of fitness and corrective
movement. Also passionate about Pediatric
Chiropractic, Dr. Rob incorporates a solid
background in exercise physiology and
nutrition into his family practice. His practice
style is gentle yet effective, and incorporates
Trigger Point Therapy and other forms of
Bodywork and Movement in order to restore
health and normalize movement. While
children love receiving care from Dr. Rob, his
adult patients are equally appreciative of his
expert yet gentle care.
Our staff is gently rounded out by a team of
healthcare and service professionals. From
Licensed Massage Therapists to Estheticians and
X-ray Technicians, we are proud of the talented
and hard working individuals who provide care.
Director Of Health Services: Dr. Steve J. Wodzenski, BaDiv, DC
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